The Proposal, part 1
meet and great and fight

Everyone’s adventure started with a letter from Irotawa Himeto asking them to meet him in Gerwin at the Ox Head Inn. After finding Iro everyone found out that the town was headed for some eminent peril, though no one asked how Iro knew this, everyone believe him because he seemed trustworthy. Then, mysteriously, Iro vanished after divulging that he knew the Ox on the wall when he was alive and that he was a good friend.

Players them set out to find Jonathan Reed, the leader of the town guard. Unfortunately he was available and players decided to take up shelter for the night at the Riverside Hotel. The Riverside had several rooms available at fairly low rates and also had an interesting proprietor named Helena. Everyone took up room for the night except Del-Vok who decided to sleep outside in a nearby alley.

In the morning players who stayed in the hotel had some less than appetizing eggs and bread, courtesy of Helena, Feredin pocketed his bread for Del-Vok. Del-Vok however awoke to find his coin purse gone, stolen in the night. Everyone then headed out to the town guard to again attempt to meet Jonathan Reed.

At the town guard they were able to meet the entire regiment of the guard, 8 people in total, a half-elf, two dwarves who look very similar, and five humans. John was leading the meeting. In a conversation with him players found out about attacks that are happening semi frequently at the Hamshire farm just outside town.

Before making their way to the Hamshire’s, players made their way across Market Square stopping to pick up some food from a few of the vendors. Players also made their way to Gerwin General to pick up a bed roll and blanket for Del-Vok, Akustaka was nice enough to pay for him since his coin purse was stolen in the night. Here the players met Lyra, a lively half-elf longing for adventure.

Players then made their way to the Hamshire farm where they met Lillian and Gustave, the keepers of the farm, and got more details about the attacks that had been happening. They planned a steak out from the Hamshire hay loft. While watching Akustaka accidently fell asleep. Jinx was attentive enough to notice arrow fire coming from the woods at a cow on the north side of the field.

Players quickly roused Akustaka and decided to chase into the woods after whatever was shooting while Feredin stood watch in the loft. Unfortunately, Akustaka, in his groggy state, stumble going down the stairs. Feredin noticed movement in the woods that quickly turned and ran back north when heard Akustaka’s armor. Feredin, in a feat of great acrobatics, quickly jumped down from the loft unharmed to join the others in the chase.

Players quickly came upon a small Goblin camp and devised a plan for attack. The woods became a flurry of flying wooden sticks with pointy ends, Del-Vok was hit with two arrows, in the shoulder and upper thigh, Jinx also took a hit from one of their vicious arrows. As the goblins fell under the players blades and arrows Tatsu and Del-Vok were drawn into battle with the leader of the camp. Del-Vok took a hit from his blade but Tatsu landed several deft blows that brought the beast down under his mighty fists.

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