Tatsu Kuroko

Brother hell bent on finding his lost twin


Born into a warrior caste in a far-off land, Tatsu fled his duties and home in search of his missing twin brother, a fellow martial artist. Under sentence of death in his homeland for desertion, he obsesses over finding clues that could lead him to his twin kanako.

Born to parents of the Thunder caste of warriors in beautiful Tarunda, Tatsu Kuroko and his twin brother Kanako learned to fight before they could walk. Strict Thudarian discipline forged a tight bond between the two brothers, who spent even their infrequent times of rest together, practicing the latest martial techniques taught to them. On their twelfth birthday, the twins were forcefully separated: kuroko went to live with the fighting elite of the Omega Thundarians, while Kanako joined the Delta Thundarians of the lower fraction. Despite their separation, the twins continued to meet when they could, sparring and training as they had in their younger years.

As the Old saying goes “A warrior’s life is devoted to war.” These were words taught to tatsu by his old master Shunfu and tatsu has lived his life by these words. Many of the fellow warriors were highly specialized in their tools of the trade and they wielded them with deadly accuracy. While tatsu was the only one to master the way of the True fist, he did not wield a weapon but his hands were the deadliest around. A great war was in progress and all of the soldiers new they were losing but they were sworn by oath to fight to the death, their lord realized this and to save his troops lives he surrendered but there was one condition that he had to hand over half of his troops, and in the half that was handed over included kanako, tatsu’s twin brother.

Angered by this tatsu broke down into heavy tears, and when he got home he received the worst beating of his life because thundarians were not to shed tears. Late at night he ran to follow the caravan that was hauling the traded troops. His brother was no where to be seen among the soldiers.

Tatsu Kuroko

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