Character Creation

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Rule Books

To make things simple and fair for everyone that does not have access to all the books we will only be allowing races and classes from the core rulebook. If it ends up that your character dies and you have to rebuild please ask your GM if you would like to go outside the core rules. If after a few gaming sessions you would like to build a new character you can also talk to your GM about that.

Character Level

We will be starting at level 1. It is preferred that you roll your ability scores in front of the GM but if that is not possible in front of a fellow player will suffice. If you are creating a character away from the GM please just take the standard amount of gold. If you are creating it in front of the GM you can take the standard or roll for your gold. If you choose to roll you are stuck with whatever you get. You may not take the standard if you happen to roll low.

Character Creation

Sorvalla Montiveedo