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Welcome to Sorvalla

As we adventure this wiki will grow rapidly with information about locations you have visited and people you have met. This can be edited by any of the players so please feel free to add anything that I have left out. You may even find more information here than you remember from the adventure and things that were encountered months ago at a gaming sessions that we are coming back to in the current session so always remember this as a resource to put you at the top of your game.

Rules for Play

With any campaign there are some house rules that make things easier on the GM and the players alike. Please review some of them below if you have any questions please ask.


Included here is general history that nearly everyone in Sorvalla knows. It is suggested that you read over it before you sit down to play so that you have some idea about the environment you are stepping into.


Below you will find a list of some of the places we have visited. Only the main towns are listed, any side adventures or locations we visited around that town will be listed under the town.

NPCs (non-player characters)

The NPCs that we run into regularly can show up in multiple towns so they are listed separately from them. Any information you have divulged about them will be listed there as well as the services they provide.

The Players

There is a link off to the side for this but just so it’s all in one place I’ll keep a list of the current players here with their characters so we can all look at them and know what each is capable of.

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