Wars, Famine and Disease

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Wars are just a common part of the constant power struggle that has permeated Sorvalla’s history. In the most recent battles the Seven Stones were brought down by the Reslins and then the Reslins were overthrown by Mea Falinna. Decedents of Mea have been in power since her take over and have done a fair job of ruling the nation and uniting it. What is weighing heavy now and on the minds of those who can remember the past is the famine and disease.

The nation has never been completely united and everyone who has ever come close has befallen some great tragedy. Nearly 150 years ago, during the rule of The Thod Borhero, the nation was nearly united under a diplomatic government based on equality. Negotiations had started with the final province that still fought against their rule and a plague started in the central city. It quickly spread through each capital city and almost seemed to target government officials and those around them. Over ten thousand died across the nation, of those nearly three thousand were government officials. Everything collapsed, tribal wars broke out everywhere, the death toll from the plague was nothing when compared to nearly one hundred thousand that perished in the ten years of war that followed.

Two hundred years prior to that, under the rule of Kintoc, a great agricultural flourish had spread across the nation and the outlook for the nation’s future was good. Suddenly, for unexplainable reasons, entire fields dried up. Crops everywhere where destroyed by a terrible blight and world sank into a terrible famine. Hungry people, are desperate people and desperate people cannot be ruled. By the end of winter the Kintoc regime had fallen and the terrible blight has never again reared its ugly head.

Wars, Famine and Disease

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